MongoDB Security Review Document

We are happy to announce Security Review guidelines for MongoDB. CIS guidelines are not available for Mongo DB and we thought this might be helpful for you.

Content has been reference from MongoDB Original Website.

I have create a sample command which will help you to extract the exact details required for performing security review. Along with Recommended setting suggested by MongoDB.
Please note that this Document will only highlight the point related to MongoDB not the underlying OS Security.

Intended Audience
This benchmark is intended for Security specialists, auditors who are planning to review the security of MongoDB Server. Please find below attached link for the same

Download URL

Please let me know if there is any Feedback/Improvement in comment section below

Vinesh Redkar
Vinesh Redkar
Senior Security Researcher

Security professional with over 9 years of experience in the security domain across various industries such as Finance, Insurance, Telecom, and government